About Us

“The future of urban transport is here and it’s electric.”

The Buzz e-Scooter journey started in 2015 when the concept of a vintage inspired stylish e-Scooter was born. Our mission to break away from the bland. boring, underperforming models that were starting to flood the market and offer a unique cool vintage inspired e-Scooter experience.

Within three years of designing, engineering, modelling, R&D and assembly of numerous prototype models, we have today achieved what we know is the most stylish e-Scooter to be launched onto the world market.

Who are we?

With more than four decades of experience in the scooter business, our CEO and Chief Engineer Patrick Joynt and his team possess a deeper knowledge than most when it comes to the heritage of classic scooters. With more than 15 years of experience with electric conversions and with the development of the first vintage electric two wheeler conversions back in 2007 he has also discovered the key factors behind developing and building an electric scooter. Patrick has been accredited with both the first vintage Lambretta e-conversion and also the first vintage Vespa e-conversion. He has, together with his team of engineers, developed a premium electric scooter with a classic look based on the latest and most innovative technologies. The Buzz e-Scooter is unique in its design and quality and to date there is nothing comparable in the 2-wheeler EV market place.

To us, the team behind Buzz e-Scooters, there is no doubt that we have created one of the most compelling scooters ever, combining green technology with a classic look. We are strong believers that individual transport will continue to be a major part of our future. Urban commuters will want a practical vehicle that they can ride to work every day, but at the same time is stylish enough to take on their Sunday ride. The owners of a Buzz e-Scooter will not have to make any compromises about performance, range or style just because they have chosen to go electric.

The Problem

Large cities all over the world are facing severe pollution and congestion, rising fuel prices and governments that are searching for environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. Year by year more major cities worldwide are enforcing new legislation which directly affects the use of traditional powered fossil fuel vehicles and this will only increase over time. With the Implementation of stricter emissions regulations, the incentives for clean energy vehicles, and investing in green infrastructure is growing at a rapid rate

The Solution

The Buzz team has created not only a vintage inspired design but is, at the same time, offering an essential component of modern urban transportation solutions. We believe the time is right to introduce Buzz to both the Vietnam domestic market and the international market place. A Buzz e-Scooter breaks away from the stereotypical purely functional , uninspiring and mass produced scooters currently flooding the market. The Buzz e-Scooter is unique in its hand built design and quality and to date there is nothing comparable in either style or performance in the 2-wheeler EV market place. We are strong believers that individual transport will still be a major part of our future.

The Launch

With the current Buzz testing and Vietnam homologation under way our initial launch market will be in Vietnam. We will establish a base and assembly in Vietnam selling directly to the public with 3 Flagship outlets in HCMC (Dec-24), Hanoi (Apr-25) and Danang (Sept-25) Also with Pop-up stores , social media campaigns and other innovative and flexible sales channels as well as through our traditional walk in shops. Buzz e-Scooters will also be offering a number of early bird ordering options including the limited edition “Genesis” model featuring many custom upgrades for our initial run of only 1-500 scooters including discounts, custom one off paint schemes and many free upgrades. In phase 2 Buzz will establish a global partner network in order to serve our international target markets starting in early 2026 with the initial international launch focusing on the EU.


Global Future Concepts PTE limited our Singapore company was officially opened in 2018 with our Vietnam company Buzz e-Scooters opening the following year in 2019.

SGP 100% Foreign-Owned Company
VN 100% Foreign-Owned Manufacturing Company

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