Ride the future

A classic and timeless design combined with cutting-edge technology. 

The future of urban transport is here and it’s electric. The Buzz eScooter is unique in its design and quality. To date there is nothing comparable in the 2-wheeler EV market place.


Vespa 2 square


A classic and timeless design combined with cutting edge technology. The future is here today!

The Build

Quality assurance throughout every stage of our production process

The Future

Our vision


The Buzz eScooter journey started in 2015 when the concept of a vintage inspired stylish eScooter was born. Our mission to break away from the bland. boring, underperforming models that were starting to flood the market and offer a unique cool vintage inspired eScooter experience.


Within three years of designing, engineering, modelling, R&D and assembly of numerous prototype models, we have today achieved what we feel is the most stylish eScooter soon to be launched onto the world market.


Over time, Buzz will establish a global partner network in order to serve our target markets. Pop-up stores and other innovative and flexible sales channels as well as through traditional shops.

The future of scootering is here and it is electric!

Genesis Limited Edition

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