Many pioneering companies are carving their niche in this exciting new industry. Cars, trucks, boats planes and motorcycles are either now available and in production, or are in the late stages of development. Battery, charging and solar technology are developing and changing so quickly – We are right on the cusp of a revolution.

When it comes to electric vehicles – most people suffer from range anxiety, which is a worry that you will run out of electricity and be stranded. However, these days with fast charging, supercharging, wireless charging, solar charging not to mention long ranges of vehicles – range anxiety is a thing of the past.

For many years, we have been developing and building electric scooters on a small scale for almost 10 years, more for our own education and interest than anything else. Our previous designs have been based around converting classic Italian scooters which were branded as VTronic and EBretta. We firmly believe now is the right time to step into series production for affordable quality electric scooters and motorcycles.

The ethos behind our Buzz eScooters is based upon our passion. We have drawn inspiration aesthetically from designs of 50+ years ago – Automotive design has lost some of its freedom over the years as manufacturing techniques have changed and mechanical packaging of fossil fueled vehicles have standardized. Identities of vehicles are not so pronounced or different from those offered by other manufacturers.

One of the wonderful attributes of electric vehicles is the freedom of design available. There is no longer the need to have a fuel tank, an engine, a gearbox, a drive train, an exhaust system and a cooling system – all of which take up a lot of space – and the placement of these systems is not so flexible.

Whilst we have nodded in respect to designs past – we firmly gaze forward in terms of technology and connectivity.

The end result is a retro modern design which has an innate beauty and simplicity.

British Engineering – Made in Vietnam

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