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The Buzz Genesis is a Limited Edition eScooter and only 500 units are available. Each bike has its own unique number engraved on a plaque.

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Buzz Genesis Limited Edition, only 500 vehicles

  • Numbered
  • Custom Titanium Paint
  • Carbon Fibre Trim
  • Resculpted De-Seamed Bodywork
  • Double-sided Fork Assembly & Hub Options
  • New Redesigned Front Mudguard
  • Koso Lighting Including Rear Eagle Eye LED & Dynamic Indicators
  • Acewel Digital Speedometer Custom-Made For Buzz
  • Retro Mirror Sets With Incorporated Dynamic Indicators
  • Better Quality Switch Controls, Throttle Mechanism & Grips
  • Dual Seat With Single Seat Options & More Base Designs
  • Side Stand
  • New 3 Piece Battery Design Including 2 Rear Removable & 1 Under Floor
  • Handlebar Re-Design
  • Improved Tyre Options Including Dunlop, Pirelli & Michelin
  • New Classic Style Range Of Accessories

We will be offering the same base model design but with a production run of 2 motor options initially 1000w and 3000w brushless hub motors and with custom upgrades including rear carry box, LCD’s, all-weather roof with solar panels etc. Also, a full range of classically styled accessories and possibly a trailer option. We will be looking initially at 6 different colour options and custom paint to order.

The difference in top speed is about 30kmph between the 2 motor options mentioned above. The 5000w motor option will not be a production model at this stage but we may offer this for custom orders.

  • Bodywork: These are Super-strong Vinylester weather and corrosion proof Glass Fibre GRP body-shell with a steel tubular chassis.
  • Motor options: Brushless hub motors. Our initial production will concentrate on 1000w and 3000w motor options. To order possibly in the future we will also offer our 5000w motor option.
  • Weight 82kg
  • Full charge 6 hours
  • Fast charge 80% 12 minutes

We have now upgraded to the latest high tech lithium-ion polymer batteries including a 3 battery system for our 3000w motor option. The 2 rear batteries will be removable and the 3rd battery will be fixed underfloor mounting.

The motors also offer egenerative electric braking and all models are supplied as standard with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes. This means when you brake, the REB system recharges your batteries.

Our designs are both Lightweight and robust (82 kg) compared to a Honda Wave (99kg) or a Piaggio Lx (110 kg).

Your BUZZ can be recharged from any home power outlet. As with all electric vehicles you have charging choices. From a slow 6 hour (overnight) charge to the ability to use a Fast charging system (to 80% capacity) that takes only 12 minutes.

The range of travel per charge is dependant on motor and battery choice. Currently, our maximum range is close to 180km’s with our new battery system.

  • Wheel Size Front 12″ & Rear 12″
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front & Rear
  • LED Rear Lighting Unit & Dynamic Rear Indicators
  • LED Headlamp
  • Digital Speedometers
  • Dynamic Front Indicators Incorporated Into Retro Mirror Sets
  • Telescopic Fork & Front Suspension Assembly
  • Rear Mono shock Suspension

Batteries (See specifications & dimension below)

  • For The Rear Batteries, 2 pcs, L330*W150*H150mm, 72V, Removable, With Quick Release Cabling
  • The Max Capacity We Can Supply Is 72V 14Ah Each One, Weight Approx 10KG.
  • The Max Discharge Current Can Be 28A & Peak Discharge Current Can Be 50A For 5 Seconds
  • For The Underfloor Battery, 1 pcs, With L340*W300*H90mm, 72V, Fixed, With Quick Release Cabling
  • The Max Capacity We Can Supply Is 72V 18A, Weight Approx 12.5KG.
  • The Max Discharge Current Can Be 36A & Peak Discharge Current Can Be 50A for 5 Seconds
  • Delivery Vehicles Options.
    We thought this design was cool so ran with it. They are 60 Litre's, and yes, the concept behind this was for delivery vehicles and PR as we have an option of the rear box with 2 LCD's fitted to advertise business's.