Portrait of CEO Patrick Joynt

For over 20 years now Patrick has been part of the Vietnam scooter community. Restoring scoots, exporting parts, organizing clubs and rides including charity events and so on. With an original interest in EV’s that started with the Vietnam franchise for Segways back in 2003. With early electric scooter conversions starting with the SSC classic Vespa and Lambretta models launched as VTronic and EBretta. The Buzz concept began its origins in 2015. We wanted to capture the 1950’s aesthetic and match it to the latest technology we could get our hands on.

Buzz has been one of those things that just came together when people put their heads together. Its an evolution from our Saigon Scooter Centre range of classic conversions the Vtronic (Vespa) and EBretta (Lambretta) models to electric cars and kids toys. Our first electric conversion was in 2008 and we have been producing and updating these over the past 11 years. When we came together working on similar concepts and ultimately joined forces,  the Buzz project was put into reality and here we are.

  • SGP 100% Foreign-Owned Company
  • VN 100% Foreign-Owned Manufacturing Company